Instagram is a mobile application (Android, iOS) for editing and sharing images and videos , which includes the following social features:

  • Creating a public profile,
  • Subscription to user accounts,
  • Tags (keywords or “markers”) added to photos / videos, geolocation,
  • Interactions with shared content (likes, comments)
  • Connection to third-party applications (Facebook, Twitter)

The application is the property of Facebook and it is also available in web version.

Applications And Challenges For The Company

With 300 million active users each month since December 2014, Instagram boasts a larger audience than Twitter .

For businesses, this audience represents new opportunities:

  • SEO (visibility on search engines),
  • Reach a target of mobile users (geolocated marketing),
  • Develop your presence on social networks by sharing original visual content,
  • Federate a community of members / fans: brand ambassadors, prospects.

The social network is turning more and more to professionals. Instagram has been offering certified accounts since December 2014. These accounts, indicated by a blue badge, will be accessible to public figures and brands. The feature is being deployed. Instagram (buy instagram followers free trial) has also pledged to check for “fake profiles” on its network. A December 2014 campaign resulted in the mass deletion of fake profiles, which may have resulted in fewer subscribers for some accounts. For Instagram, it’s about valuing real subscribers and their commitment to brands and personalities.

Connect His Instagram Account With Other Social Networks

This step is important in order to create a synergy between Instagram and the different social networks on which the company is present.

From the application:

Options> Account> Sharing Setting: This screen allows you to enable synchronization with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare and Tumblr

By synchronizing these services, it will be possible:

to multi-post an image taken with Instagram on these social networks (with the iOS app, possibility to share on a corporate Facebook page)

Allow subscribers / relationships on other social networks to find your Instagram profile more quickly through the “find friends” option. It is also possible to aggregate an Instagram image feed on his company’s Facebook page. Some applications, such as Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) and Webstagram, can call a stream of images from an Instagram account, or respond to a particular hashtag.

These images are then accessible from a tab of the Facebook page. This type of action can be set up to enhance Facebook images posted by users of a product, for example. It is recommended to opt for a solution that offers moderation on some images. Connect his Instagram account with the company website. The brand or company can also give better visibility to images from Instagram (buy instagram followers free trial) on its own website. Adding plug-ins, for a CMS WordPress-based site for example, simplifies the aggregation of the image flow. Some applications may also generate html or iframe code to insert a stream of images into a column or page.