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This article not only provides valuable advice to aspiring freelance writers (writerslikeme.com), but also addresses the following issues:

  • India’s independent writing market.
  • Mark yourself as an independent writer online
  • How to send articles to different publications.
  • How to handle rejection.
  • How to contact other Indian freelance writers
  • India’s best independent editorial website

How often do you receive an email from the publication saying: “Although your article is very interesting, we found it to be inconsistent with the style and ethics of our magazine…” or “We just published an article in your just On the topic, do we deeply regret our incompetence…?

So, in the case of indifference, try to find other publications while searching and browsing the unrelated market of publishers who can accept and pay for your articles.

As any veritable independent writer knows, building a respected writer is a daunting task. As for making a living, no! (Does someone make a living by writing alone?). In this dog-dog world, “respect” applies only to authors who receive regular wages from certified newspapers, magazines or technology companies, rather than very talented authors. A freelance writer who has not published an article.

A freelance writing career is not a child’s game.

In order to succeed, independent writers must swallow their pride, deeply disappointed and continue to knock at the door with new energy. Like Robert Bruce, he had to try again until he finally managed to capture the imagination of a demanding and profitable publisher who could help his name appear in print, cybernetics or other ways. Most of the time, this paid publishing genius pays him a modest price or nothing.

In addition, clicking the editor’s delete button eliminates ideas about creativity and creation time. Your goal may be to become a famous freelance writer, but the path you must take is, at least, frustrating. You know that you are good, but unfortunately, those who control the payment market may not think so. If the goddess of fortune will play when you need it most, you will play SCRABBLE with your other unemployed friends!

But it is not so bad!

Congratulations to all brave freelancers. Things are about to change. In fact, they have changed. Only print media is no longer dominant; when writing a job, the Internet is similar to Alibaba’s cave. The good news is that there are more and more publications and websites looking for writers (writerslikeme.com). The combination of specialization and the world of payment ethics and “outsourcing” makes writing very profitable. Family freelance writers, especially web content writers, are in great demand. You can respect the “respect” of health before you know it. Of course, you don’t need to say that moolah will come!

Become an expert

Today, demand is a good “niche writer.” Despite the limitations, here, the demand for specialization is at its highest level. Travel writers, creative writers, editors, resume writers, content editors, technical writers, essay writers, etc., and have markets. If after some preliminary experiments, you can create a niche by focusing on one of these areas and it is released (usually without first payment!), it is almost complete. Once you manage to sell your ideas, you are running at home.