Whether it’s work or leisure, jewelry (jewelry photo editing) is a great place to live in our daily lives. Smart or informal Therefore, the proper use of your jewelry is critical to getting a good look.

So what do I mean? What makes a compelling gem? This piece of jewelry can complement your appearance. We all have different types of faces. Each face is complemented by different types of jewelry (jewelry photo editing). The gem’s shape size and position on the face provide different looks to your face.

Determining your face type is a very simple task. Let’s take a look at the different forms of the face. These types are considered: oval, round, square, elliptical or rectangular. It includes a heart shape at most.

Heart shape

People with heart-shaped faces should avoid using earrings that can lengthen their faces. Instead, they should choose a slope that complements their function. Types of earrings to consider, including rivets, medium length earrings and even hook earrings. The brilliance of color also plays an important role. These earrings create a unique and luxurious look that not only enhances your look, but also gives you the spark and confidence you deserve.


This is clearly due to the fact that the elliptical face is substantially wider in the temples and forehead, so the ideal shape of the face has long been considered. So if you have an oval face, you can handle almost anything. Keep in mind that ovals are usually best suited for the length, shape and size of all jewels, so to speak.

Remember to wear jewelry (jewelry photo editing) with a unique mysterious design that always gives you the best results you need.


A person with a square face literally has a face similar to a square. Have a big chin and forehead. Smaller earrings are best for this type of face. Longer necklaces are usually a wise choice. Softening the square lines on your face can be very helpful. The most important thing is to stretch your face as much as possible.


There is no complete difference between a rectangular face and a square shape. The lines are basically similar to square lines. Therefore, similar measures can be taken. But remember, the rectangle shape is longer and narrower. Therefore, in the case of a collar, its length should be shorter.

Round face

The round face has a large cheekbones, and his jaw is usually a round short chin. Therefore, plump is a major feature, essentially, due to your face.

I recommend using this type of face to create extra dimensions. The goal is to create length. This will provide a good balance. Using a gem that complements these features is everything. People with this type of face should wear a collar that highlights their best features. This will not only highlight your appearance, but also a very expressive gem. Add to his personal style.

The elimination of all this is that everyone can use good gems to highlight their appearance. No matter what your face is. Almost everyone has or can use a mobile phone these days. So for those who don’t know their face, it’s easy. If you have a cell phone or digital camera, use it and take a photo. Be sure to cut your hair off.

Once you’re done, upload your photos to your computer and convert them to grayscale images. Removing colors is important because it helps you focus on the shape of your face. Keep in mind that all types of faces are beautiful, but if you choose the right gems, it will announce its best features.