Another point is the probability of winning. Profits, as described above, are one of the main reasons why people actually play. And the more often you win, the longer the player stays “on the ball”. With statements such as “20 paylines” is awakened by the manufacturers, a profit expectation among the players เว็บแทงบอล. Only the smallest winnings that occur most often never, or almost never, exceed their wager. The player wins and “triumphs,” but loses part of his bet anyway. (Meyer / Bachmann 2011: Gambling addiction)

The amount of maximum win also plays a role in the selection of the game. Vending machines that have a jackpot feature are very popular. Although winning this jackpot is almost impossible, it encourages players to keep playing. Stop them, they lose their chance for the main prize. This is where the competitive character comes into play. When it comes to a jackpot, the players not only play against the machine, but compete with the other players for the jackpot at the same time.

An important element of the machines to tie players are also the so-called fast wins. This becomes especially clear in games with scatter symbols. If you win 3 scatter symbols, no matter where they appear, 10 free spins and 2 are already there, the music changes. In addition, the last and decisive roller rotates at a different pace and, above all, longer than usual to increase the tension. If there is no scatter symbol on the last reel, the player feels he has almost won and thinks that next time he has to win the free spins. Here he is thus animated by a loss, which feels like a fast-win, to continue playing and “tied up” to the device. (Meyer / Bachmann 2011)

The variable deployment amount is also an important motivational reason. Like the inventor Charles August Fey, many players can not or will not afford roulette or poker. If you have 50 € to play and the minimum stake in roulette is 5 €, you can play in very bad luck a maximum of 10 rounds. This does not take longer than 20 minutes.

The dream of big profit

In slot machines, the minimum bet is much lower than other games, the maximum bet, however, can be relatively high. This low entry level allows all players to play automatons, and the vast variance of bets means that losses can be recouped in a single game. This makes a great appeal of the slot machines, which the manufacturers have recognized and taken into account. Another element of the minimum use is the mission and profit ratio. Even with a bet of 50 cents, for example, it is possible to crack the jackpot and win tens of thousands or even more. (Wölfling ea 2012: gambling addiction).

In slot machines in Internet casinos เว็บแทงบอล, the elimination of the haptic feeling of money is also an important feature, but more likely for the operators of casinos เว็บแทงบอล. By decoupling the player from cash that he has to put into the slot to play, he loses his sense of loss. By charging the account with credit cards or Paypal, the player loses the conscious feeling for the sums he uses. As a result, these sums become higher and he plays riskier. (Dickerson / O’Connor 2006: Gambling as an Addictive Behavior)


This risky game is also strengthened by the light and sound effects of the slot machines. The visual as well as acoustic underpinning of the profits gives the player the feeling that profits are significantly more frequent than expected. In a series of experiments, players were observed on “normal” and modified slot machines, which had no sound and light effects, and interviewed after the game. Asked about the frequency of the winnings, the players at the modified slot machines rated the number of won games much more accurately than those who were rewarded with effects that indicated a significantly higher number of sweepstakes. (Esposito 2008: Psychology of Gambling)