Lately thanks to movies and comics about superheroes, the character of Thor is being revealed , based on one of the most outstanding gods of Norse mythology. Who was he really?

Thor was one of the best-known Nordic gods . He was the strongest of the gods , protecting youth, lightning, fire and architecture. He was the son of the god Odin and Jörd . He married the goddess Sif, with whom he had three children, Magni, Modi and Trud and is always represented with a hammer in his hand (Hammer of Thor) , his weapon.

He was one of the main gods among Nordic mythology along with his father, Odin, and his brother Balder. He was a lover of war , so one of his greatest interests was to massacre giants with his hammer (Hammer of Thor) .

His palace, called Bilskirner, was in the kingdom of Thrudvang, in Asgard . To travel from one place to another used a car pulled by two goats called Tanngnjos and Tanngrisner, which if slaughtered could be resurrected the next day. As it passed, thunder rumbled in the sky.

Thor died during the end of the world, the so-called Ragnarok , when he fought against the Midgard serpent.

One of the most outstanding stories of Thor is the theft of his hammer and the consequent death of the giants. One morning when he awoke he saw that his hammer (Hammer of Thor) did not appear . At that moment he thought it had been his brother Loki. He assured her that the giants would know who the thief had been , so she donned Freya’s feather suit and flew into the realm of the giants.

There he discovered that the one who had stolen it had been Thrym, the king himself . In exchange for returning the hammer he demanded the hand of the goddess Freya . Thor accepted the deal and together with Loki prepared a deception. Thor would disguise himself as Freya .

During the celebrations that were organized to honor the arrival of Freya, Thor was discovered before Thrym and began to attack all the giants with his hammer (Hammer of Thor) accompanied by thunder and lightning. Thus he killed King Thrym and the rest of the kingdom’s giants.


The strongest of the gods, protected youth, lightning and fire, as well as architecture. Thor was married to Sif and had three children. Magni, Modi and Trud. However despite his strength, he did not survive his fight against the Midgard serpent, during the Ragnarok, “the end of the world”.

Together with his father Odin and his brother Balder, he was one of the main gods of the Nordic pantheon. As a representative of war and wild fighting, his biggest hobby was to massacre giants, for this he always carried his hammer (Hammer of Thor) and in his nature all the elements related to fire are found ..

He lived in Asgard, his kingdom was Thrudvang and his palace was called Bílskirner. To travel he used a car that was pulled by two goats known by Tanngnjos and Tanngrisner, which made thunder in the sky as they passed, these animals could be slaughtered at dusk and then resuscitated the next morning, if care was taken to put the bones without breaking inside each skin.

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