Are thumbnails (thumbnail generator & downloader) so important in Youtube videos? A question that, strangely enough, many customers ask us. Thumbnails of videos or thumbnails in English are part of SEO on YouTube . Like the title or tags, a striking thumbnail will make viewers choose your video before others and ultimately contribute to better position your video. Designing good thumbnails for YouTube is essential if you want your video to stand out from the others in the results list. And it is much simpler than it seems. So if you want to optimize your channel and win in reproductions and subscribers keep reading, we will tell you all about the thumbnails (thumbnail generator & downloader) so that users always end up choosing your videos.

Tricks that always work to create attractive thumbnails for Youtube

Know your audience well

Like almost all actions in online marketing, the first and most important thing is to know your followers well. Know what tastes they have and what kind of miniatures call them more attention. You will not have the same covers if your audience likes technology that if they like DIY, the design of the model will be totally different. The average viewer on YouTube has many things to see on the internet and little time. That’s why you have to be able to show what your video is about without having to click on it.

Define your own style and never cheat

Customize a design Obviously each model will be different, but always use the same pattern of colors, icons and typographies. Inspire yourself in other channels but never copy. On the other hand you never cheat the viewer; always use images that will later appear in your video or have a direct relationship.

Take care of the size of your thumbnails

The size is another factor that you should also take into account. They have to look good and understand each other. The basic thing for your miniatures to comply with would be the following:

  • Your thumbnails must have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • Do not get involved with strange formats. Whenever you can, use JPG. Other formats like .GIF, .BMP or .PNG are also valid, but if you save in JPG you can put tags, name, author and all kinds of data relevant to your videos that Youtube will then use to know what exactly your video is going on and so on. position it better.
  • The images must have a maximum weight of 2 MB.
  • Remember that the proportion is always 1920x1080p or what is the same, 16: 9. This is the format that is most used in all players and previews on YouTube and with it you ensure that your thumbnails (thumbnail generator & downloader) always look good.

That a person always appear

Whenever possible, try to get the person that appears in the video to appear in the Youtube thumbnail (thumbnail generator & downloader). Whether you or another person is very important and with it you get advantages in your favor:

  • You will give a homogeneous brand image to the channel.
  • Your followers will easily recognize you.
  • It will be a unique image that no one else will have.
  • You will give more confidence, they will see who is behind your brand or your channel.
  • It is shown that the faces attract more attention on YouTube