Have you ever considered opening a retail store but do not have the money or experience of wholesale products? Direct delivery can then be the solution for you. Opening a business is expensive. Overhead is not a joke. First, you must have a place to sell your items. Renting and setting up a retail store is very expensive. The rent of the space can cost only ten thousand dollars, others will have to have cabinets, displays and all this decoration will have to correspond to the image which you wish to represent in your store. You will also need staff to track your inventory of wholesale products as well as sell to customers. They have to pay their salaries and buy shares for their store. All of this can bring you tens of thousands of dollars and your dream of becoming your own boss and being financially independent has just gone away.

However, there is now a new way to open a retail business. Direct mail shippers are retailers and you can open an online store and make a living with minimal overhead. Think of direct shippers as owners of regular stores with a line of credit to the manufacturer or wholesale distributor. In a physical clothing store, the store owner will buy the wholesale products from the distributor or manufacturer and then sell them for profit. Sometimes, if you have a good relationship with the distributor, they allow you to pay for the goods at a later date instead of immediately after delivery. In this way, shippers-deliverers operate in this way. For example, as a retailer, you will decide which products you want to market: cheap electronic products from China, discounted clothing, and more. Choose an experienced and respected wholesale distributor in this market.

Always do business with those who have proven themselves as professionals in the industry. There are now many brand manufacturers and wholesalers from which products can be obtained in China. Most wholesale clothing, cheap electronics equipment and discount clothing products are made in China. They also undergo strict quality control because they are legitimate branded products. This means that you can offer your customers not only good-quality branded products, but also affordable prices. Once you can identify a good wholesaler, you can start sending out shipments.

The cost of direct shipping is minimal because what you need mainly after identifying a distributor is the web space. You will have to rent or buy a web space like when you rent a space in a store. The fun aspect of this solution is that you can design your online store the way you want and it will not cost you much. Certainly a fraction of the cost of a real physical store. You will also need an app for your website where customers can place orders. Your wholesale distributor will even provide you with images of the products you are going to sell.

Once the order arrives at the site, it will send it to the reseller and the reseller will send it to the customer. You do not need physical inventory in your store or invest in items you do not know if they will be sold. All you have to do is send the customer orders to the dealer and make money with the difference between the price offered by the dealer and the price you gave to your customer.

NewEgg: I don’t know how they do it, but NewEgg has a strong product for HDTVs, digital cameras and most computer components. The most advanced computer scientists can virtually assemble a complete set of parts purchased by NewEgg. All are less than $300. Users who are less inclined to technology may not be able to find such offers, but the price of electronic products is certainly not worth cherishing.

Wal-Mart – Wal-Mart… There is nothing to say here. While not everyone can accept their labor policies or company practices, Wal-Mart is still looking for ways to sell products at prices that few people can match.

Craigslist: There is no doubt that Craigslist offers some of the best electronics prices. In addition, users can avoid all shipping costs, taxes and credit cards entered online. It is also good to see the product yourself before buying. Craigslist slips because if you live in a rural area of ​​the country, there are very few ads available and it’s hard to find what you need. Second, Craigslist is affected by various scams. Most importantly, Craigslist is not always completely secure. Go to a stranger’s house at your own risk and take it with you.

HHGreg – Like NewEgg, HHGreg offers a good offer. Although their prices cannot compete with the price of eBay or Cheap Electronics Depot, their product quality is consistent, and you know that you are dealing with a reliable supplier, which can happen if the product does not work.

Amazon: Most people want Amazon to take a higher position on this list. I mean, after all, they have a good reputation and sell almost all imaginable products. Ok, the factor I will consider when creating this list is the price. Amazon’s offers are very difficult to predict. You can search for an unbranded TV and find a TV that costs about $100 directly to the retailer. However, there are other products that don’t seem to sell the exact same price (sometimes more) in the store. Amazon is always a good website. You never know if you can agree on what you want.