Store sales have increased by 40% in the past two years,” said Shona Store executive director Fiona Kelly. People seem to have curtains behind them with blinds “a certain aspect of the company’s crisp, minimalist line of benefits to provide a fully personalized service. , where you measure consultants and adjust blinds, while others may allow you to meet their needs (recommended only to those who trust their toolbox).

Shutterly Fabulous director Mark Carter said: “It is worth investing in the best resources for distribution, because the blinds are actually windows furniture.

Named after the vast mansions of the 19th century in South America, the most common are plantation shutters. They have opening and closing slats to minimize the heat of the sun. They provide ventilation and privacy when necessary and are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Shutterly Fabulous, Shaftesbury Shutters and the New England Shutter Company combine Farrow Ball, Dulux and many other known paint colors or dyed flaps. They will also be treated with a UV sealant and therefore do not require modification. New England Shutter also offers faux leather, suede and fabrics in a variety of shades and textures.

Now you can also choose the width of the network. “The biggest blinds allow more light to enter in the shutter,” said Harriet Shakerton, director of sales at New England Shutter, “so it is worth considering this when considering the decision”.

The traditional way of opening blinds is to bring the bars out of the panel, but many companies now offer hidden mechanisms and even remote shutter modes (great hard-to-reach windows) for modern finishes.

The complete blinds were originally installed in the Edwardian home and were used only a few times a year, when the owners left during the season. Unlike our current models, they are not designed to be turned on and off every day, so there is almost no today. In addition to traditional wood, they are now found in several materials. So try Parma Lilac as an acrylic or Draks Japanese blind, with a hardwood frame and a custom central non-reflective acrylic panel, glass or even the paper of your choice.

You can also buy old blinds at a salvage company like Lassco. “The blinds can be cut to make sure they work consistently,” says Lassco’s design consultant Francis Lee. You can also add extra paper to your size, but take a closer look to find the perfect paper.

Type of blinds

Coffee-style blinds hang only in the lower half of the window and are more profitable (because they cover only half of the window). If you live on the street and need privacy, they are ideal, but you still want to have plenty of light, but if you want to completely extinguish the room one day, it’s not good.

Horizontal or double flaps are the most versatile flaps that people can choose. The two games hang each other and operate independently. This gives it a great deal of flexibility because it allows the upper part to be opened and the lower part to be closed, and vice versa, and the two groups can also be opened or closed. The only downside is that they look a bit difficult on some types of windows.

Full height blinds are available for larger windows. There is usually a half-height separation track or natural break in the window (at the blade level). This makes the taller louvers stronger and allows the louvers of the upper and lower halves to move independently, so you can turn on the top device to let light enter while keeping the bottom closed to protect privacy. .

The solid blinds are neatly tidy and feature multiple central panels such as embossing, molding and shaker. Solid blinds are a combination of a top louvered panel and a bottom solid panel.