Mankind has been established a billion years ago but the revolution and modernization seems to have get wings by the previous years . there is no such part of the invention where the humans have not tried their hands , starting from the transport we have vehicles and infact now we have the better version of the vehicles. Next up we have shelters that to modernized smart homes with smart appliances required to make the regular work and life easier and soothing. Smart appliances not on in the homes but the introduction of the new artificial l intelligence is acing the market of different industries around the world. Smart machines making the work way too easier and in short interval of time thereby promising more productivity in less time and next up we have communication which indeed is on the hand of smart phones.


To know on a deeper sense about smart phone , lets get into its world and features. Smart phone has a long back history when the ancestors were the normal keypad mobile phones having the feature of the calling and texting with a limited range of camera quality and to talk about games it was limited to two or three. Beside these the only connectivity was the Bluetooth. With the advancement of the science era , the latest smart phones have high resolutioned camera, it has the video calling along with it and perhaps with better quality. Next up the phone has unlock sensors with face unlock banging the recent market. The mode of connectivity is not limited to only Bluetooth , it also has various other app of connection. There is no count of numbers in terms of games. Navigation , GPS, road map, and what not is present in the little smart phone.


Well every thing has two sides just like a coin. When you have got the enjoyment of the science , the smart apps in the phone on the other side if taken for granted then it is the worst nightmare you can expect for. There is a regular term used, phone hacking has increased in number. There are privacy issues , many personal details are getting in public.

To conclude, the above mentioned are the issues related to the smart phone one side and on the other hand there are advantages a lot more than the negativities of using the smart phone. As all the gifts of the science follows the same protocol of using under boundaries for best results and if you are not aware enough the same gift can be a great curse within a fraction of seconds. There are various varieties in the mobile phone, choose the one which suits you the best , which can be easy in handling and where you can prevent yourself from any kind of complications. Regarding the price the mobile phones comes in a wide range, so choose the best one in your way. It is always asked to use the smart phone in the smart way or else it will lead to disaster in the smartest way.