The vertical collapse of the first cryptocurrency (Electrum Bitcoin Private) by capitalization could allow sellers to create new relative lows, in a downtrend that does not yet seem to be going to stop. Sitting to forget yesterday for the Bitcoin , which today depreciates by 0.18% against the greenback, settling at $ 3,630.

During the night the Btc / Usd courses suffered a vertical collapse, which led them to leave 9.32% of their value on the ground. The rediscovered weakness of the exchange could be attributed to problems of the technology behind virtual currency, the blockchain. The technical reasons are instead to be found in the rejection of prices by the coriacea psychological resistance of $ 4,000 : this around has repeatedly rejected the advance of buyers. With the session today, the breakouts of the important dynamic support level that supported the rebound of the cryptocurrency change, provided by the trend line connecting the lows of December 14, 2018 to those of last January 4, were broken out.

The price of the 50-day moving average, which has often led to the creation of new relative bottoms, is also causing difficulties for quotations . Moreover, from an algorithmic point of view, the RSI oscillator set at 14 periods shows a slight divergence of bearish continuation.

These factors suggest that the fall in the virtual currency sector can not be concluded. From an operational point of view, a re-test of the trend line violated yesterday , at 3,970 dollars, could be used to evaluate short matrix strategies in favor of trends. In this case, the stop loss should be placed above $ 4,300, the main target at $ 3,300 and the final goal at $ 3,000. From today everyone can invest in the global art market buying and selling fractions of works of art through blockchain technology .

This is the business model proposed by the Italian-American company Look Lateral , founded in Seattle by the thirty-year-old Mantuan Niccolò Filippo Veneri Savoia as a spin-off of the original publishing project created in 2007 by Maria Grazia Savoia, mother of the current Look Lateral CEO .

The company has developed Fimart (Fractional Marketplace of Art), a digital platform built on four main pillars – tagging, indexing, origin and prices – that allows users all over the world to buy and sell art properties.

Blockchain technology ensures the correct evaluation of the work and its provenance , intended as a chronological record of ownership, indispensable for experts to determine the authenticity of the work and to avoid speculation on counterfeiting and legitimacy.

According to the intentions of the founder, the benefits deriving from the solution proposed by Look Lateral will not be addressed only to the owners of the work but also to all the other subjects that revolve around the market. On the one hand, investors , who will have access to a global market to diversify their portfolio by investing cryptocurrencies (Electrum Bitcoin Private) in a tangible resource such as art, and simple “art enthusiasts”, who can buy and sell fractions of real works of art art, for pure fun and for profit.

On the other hand , art galleries, which through Fimart will be able to sell works, in whole or fractionated shares, to new collectors or investors and to recover new liquidity while maintaining the right to sell and collectors, which are guaranteed access to complete information and certified.

With a view to constant development, the company relies on the support of several strategic partners including Dragonchain, for data security on blockchain and Certilogo, which provides the authentication platform.